OUR PILLARS: Performing Arts Pillar

The following is how Merishaw School will advance this pillar.

School Plays:
The school will stage theatrical productions, ranging from classic plays to modern works.
Musicals: Students may perform in musical productions that combine acting, singing, and dancing.
Improvisation/Skits: Improvisation/skit groups will allow students to think on their feet and create scenes spontaneously.
One-Act Plays: Shorter plays provide opportunities for students to showcase their acting skills.

Choir: Students can participate in a school choir and perform a repertoire of vocal music.
Band: Our school band typically includes brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments, performing various musical styles.
Orchestra: The school orchestra will comprise students playing string, woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments.
A Cappella Groups: Vocal groups that sing without instrumental accompaniment will showcase harmonies and vocal arrangements.
Solo Performances: Students will have opportunities to perform solo pieces.

Dance Performances:
We will host dance recitals or performances featuring various dance styles, such as ballet, contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, and more.
Dance Teams: The school will have dance teams that perform at sporting events and competitions.
Choreography: Students will create their dance routines and present them at showcases.

Spoken Word/Poetry:
Poetry Slams:
We will have events where students perform original spoken word poetry in front of an audience.
Open Mic Nights: These are opportunities the school will provide for students to share their poetry, storytelling, or spoken word pieces.

Comedy and Improvisations:
Comedy Shows: For performing stand-up comedy or sketch comedy shows.

Speech and Debate:
Public Speaking:
Students will participate in speech competitions, delivering persuasive, informative, or entertaining speeches.
Debate: Students will engage in formal debates on various topics and compete with other schools.
Talent Shows:
Talent shows will provide a platform for students to showcase a wide range of performing talents, from singing and dancing to unique acts.
Culture Day:
To be hosted yearly or termly depending on the nature of the calendar.

OUR PILLARS: Social and Collaboration Pillar