OUR PILLARS: Social and Collaboration Pillar

Social and Collaboration Pillar
a. Collaborations, Exchange Programs, Linkages and Partnerships and Outreaches
The following are the reputable external exchange programs that Merishaw School intends to participate in.

ii. YFU (Youth for Understanding) Kenya
YFU operates in over 60 countries, providing intercultural exchange opportunities for high school students. They facilitate programs where Kenyan students can travel abroad, and foreign students can come to Kenya.

iii. AFS Kenya
Apart from sending Kenyan students abroad, AFS Kenya also hosts foreign exchange students from various countries. This creates an excellent opportunity for cultural exchange within Kenyan high schools.

iv. Rotary Youth Exchange Program
Rotary International runs a youth exchange program that allows high school students to study abroad for an academic year. This program encourages participants to become goodwill ambassadors while learning about new cultures.

v. CIEE (Council on International Educational Exchange)
CIEE offers various study abroad programs for high school students, including short-term and long-term options in different countries.

vi. ISEP (International Student Exchange Programs)
ISEP offers exchange programs for high school students, providing them with opportunities to study in various countries and develop cross-cultural skills.

b. Linkages and exchange programs with friendly institutions
The school will offer multiple foreign languages either through subjects, clubs, or both and use languages as a point of entry into the various exchange programs.

c. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) 
Implementing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) principles is our way of promoting a culture of social awareness, community engagement, and ethical practices among our students, faculty, and staff. Here are our CSR initiatives:

i. Environmental Initiatives
We educate students on the importance of environmental conservation and organizing awareness campaigns. We have created a school garden to teach sustainable practices and grow organic produce.

ii. Community Service and Outreach
The school organizes regular volunteering opportunities for students at local community centers.
The school also runs donation drives for food, clothing, supplies, and other essential items to support less fortunate members of the community.

iii. Health and Wellness
The school participates in health awareness campaigns focusing on nutrition, mental health, lifestyle diseases, and physical fitness.

d. Career Fair
Our career fairs provide an excellent opportunity for students to explore different career options, interact with professionals from various industries, and gain valuable insights into potential career paths. The following are the objectives of our career fairs.

i. College and career resources
During these fairs, our invited participants provide students with resources and information about scholarships, financial aid, college application processes, and other relevant resources.

ii. Career assessments
Career assessments or interest inventories will be offered to help students identify potential career matches based on their interests and strengths.

iii. Industry representation
The fair covers a range of industries relevant to high school students, such as technology, healthcare, arts and media, education, hospitality, law, and more.

iv. Participating organizations
The career fair includes local businesses, companies, colleges, universities, vocational schools, trade schools, and non-profit organizations. These organizations provide diverse options for students to explore different career fields.

e. Entrepreneurship
Practical entrepreneurship is an excellent way to prepare our students for their future careers and foster valuable skills that will serve them well throughout their lives. Here are some ideas and steps we can adopt to implement practical entrepreneurship in Merishaw School:

i. Establish a business club or entrepreneurship program
Merishaw School has clubs and programs dedicated to entrepreneurship. These provide a platform for students to collaborate, exchange ideas, and gain practical experience through projects and activities.

ii. Guest speakers and industry visits
The school invites successful entrepreneurs, local business owners, or professionals from various industries to share their experiences with the students. These interactions offer valuable insights and inspiration.

iii. Business plan competitions
Organize business plan competitions within the school to encourage students to develop and present their entrepreneurial ideas. The school intends to create the Merishaw version of Lion’s Den.

iv. Mentorship opportunities
We will connect students with local entrepreneurs or business professionals who can mentor them and provide guidance on their entrepreneurial endeavors.

v. Community Service Projects
The school encourages students to identify community needs and come up with entrepreneurial solutions to address them. For example, they could organize fundraisers, and charity events, or develop social enterprises.

vi. Financial literacy
We will incorporate financial literacy lessons into our programs, helping students understand budgeting, basic accounting, and responsible financial management.

  • f. Leadership Training and Mentorship
    Effective leadership training and mentorship for boys will have a significant impact on their personal development, self-confidence, and future success. Leadership training and mentorship training programs such as The John Maxwell Leadership Program will provide a basis for instilling strong values and character traits for the boys.

    The following are some topics that are covered in this program:
    Values and Character Development
    Communication Skills
    Goal Setting and Time Management
    Teamwork and Collaboration
    Emotional Intelligence
    Crisis Management and Decision Making

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