OUR PILLARS: Spiritual Well-being Pillar

The holistic transformation of the boy child is the main focus of Merishaw School. Since its inception, considerable effort, time, and resources have been invested to support the boy child and guide them away from modern-day societal ills, vices, and distractions of youth life. 

As a department, we complement the academics and make intentional actions aimed at helping the boys develop godly character and become men of integrity.

This is done with the understanding that the current teenagers are hazardously exposed to all kinds of information at a global scale. This information age coupled with popular influencers locally and globally do cross-pollinate the human race with all kinds of cultures, lifestyles, and strange norms. 

We now find ourselves dealing with strange lifestyles yet they seem packaged in ways that are appealing to the youth. It is a powerful system of influence designed to lure the youths into certain ways of life.

One of the most educated and zealous Bible personalities describes the system as “…the course of this world…” [Ephesians 2:2...] in which humanity is lured to and captured to conform to. This battle of control and influence rages on as long as there's time and humanity on earth. 

Furthermore, social media platforms are the battlefronts where great assaults on human dignity, and family values are being executed. This is where strange narratives and lifestyles are conveyed to influence life in certain ways.

In the face of social media exposure, the current youths are at risk of being carried by the global narratives of alternative lifestyles and other societal ills that are glorified by the so-called “course of this world”. This is indeed the technological flipside besides its positives. This is one challenge that is here with us; the negative influence of technology.

It is in the backdrop of this that we at Merishaw School make timely, intentional interventions to steer the learners towards godly character and Biblical values. It is because of worldly knowledge that humanity is being swept away from the godly values and thus, human redemption shall be made possible by godly knowledge. 

From the creation story, we learn that the fall of man was occasioned by a lie introduced by the serpent. It has all long been the counter-narrative that God has introduced redemption to man, the truth.
This then is one of the drivers of the spiritual affairs department. We have made and continue to make a structured, systematic introduction of the God-factor, Biblical concepts, and perceptions of life. 

We present God through the Bible in practical and relatable ways to young minds. Giving them Biblical teachings and Christian counsel as the seed that will influence the choices they make and the values they will embrace in life. We bring to their attention the Biblical view of life to gradually displace the popular narrative that threatens to lead them astray.

In a classical example of a factory, the end product is always determined by the raw materials that are used at a production line. 

Similarly, we envision an end product of an all-rounded young man, excellent academically and solid in terms of godly character. This is what informed our deliberate effort to have Biblical/spiritual input so that we may produce godly young men in the end. 

OUR PILLARS: Performing Arts Pillar